Dandelion School
Dandelion Community

Short Summary of Dandelion School

1. Beginning of Dandelion School

  Dandelion School began its educational challenge since 2007 as an alternative school in Korea. Dandelion Community is its womb to getting existence. Dandelion Community life style and goal is interwoven with Dandelion School management. Dr.Kim,Insoo, the founder cum principal of Dandelion School, started life changing and sustainable educational drive with community family.

2. Philosophy of Dandelion School

  The philosophy of Dandelion School can be simply described as "Free man living together" or "Life harmonized with freedom and community". This concept was drown from the life experience of Dr.Kim,Insoo.

Also we believe that freedom and communial life are two pivotal concepts in Bible. (Galatians5:1,13, John8:32, Acts2:44-47,4:32-37)

3. Aim of Dandelion School

  "Becoming friends with poor" is our motto.

The aim of our existence can be explained on the teaching of our Jesus "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor"(Luke 4:18)

Specially, we have so much burden for the six cases of poor people shown in Matthew 25:35-36

"For I was hungry and you gave Me food;

I was thirsty and you gave Me drink;

I was a stranger and you took Me in;

I was naked and you clothed Me;

I was sick and you visited Me,

I was in prison and you came to Me."

Almost all the school and educational institutes have secular purpose getting more money and power through their getting knowledge and degree. Unceasing competition and war are still going on because of their education and their selfish aims.

However, Dandleion School has transparent and sole aim in educating and training students to serve the poor in the world.

4. Life style of Dandelion School

  Dandelion(Taraxacum Mongolicum Linn.), as its outward shapes shows, has threefold meaning applicable to our daily life.

First, Leaves of Dandelion teaches us simplicity in life, so we honor working by hands and making life self sufficient. The best approach to poor is, according to our experience. to share and work with them. We oppose to this generation's consumptive and life-killing culture.

Second, Root of Dandelion teaches us deepening life. So, we want to preserve life by thinking deeply, acting deeply, relating deeply with persons and God.

Also enhancing our daily life by practical technology and spirituality.

Third, Seeds of Dandelion teaches us obedience of heavenly will. As wind carry seeds to a certain place, so we believe that our direction of life can be carried by God's will, not by our own. In particular we emphasize the pioneering spirit in serving remote and needy around the world.

5. Curriculum of Dandelion School

  Curriculum of Dandelion School have been shaping contents in process of our educational experience. However, our basic emphasis is the same.

Education harmonized with learning and teaching.

Education harmonized with studying and working.

Education harmonized with self growth and community.

Education harmonized with men, nature and God.

 Our daily time-table can be divided into three parts, usually in morning session we teach academic subject like language(Korean, English, Chinese letters...), Mathmatics, Science and Social science.

In afternoon session we teach handcrafts, music and arts, and special emphasis is given on "working by hands".

Communial works are conducted by teaching-gardening, agricultural works, house construction and repairing, cooking and other seasonal and temporal works.

In evening session we have school regular meeting together with students and teachers on school topics, and have special lectures by visiting outstanding figures, also students have self study time.

Viewing whole three years, every spring season we have 10 days walking program (almost 250km estimate distance) altogether.

Second grade students have 4 months 'Mobile School' touring in India, Thailand, Cambodia, (Vietnam, Laos alternately) every year.

Third grade students should compose thesis.

6. Dandelion School's Culture

  We emphasize and give chances to develop better future and serving the poor.

1. Let's plant trees whenever entrance ceremony, and memorable days for planets.

2. Let's donate and show relief for poor whenever festivals, birthday and       happy days.

3. Make soils fertile

4. In every year end, let's reimburse debts instead of our neighboring poor.

5. Let's play at least one musical instrument.

7. Plan of Dandelion School

  This year we opened highschool course(class 10-12) with same philosophy and goal.

Dandelion Community have a plan of establishing "alternative college" in 2013. Eco and alternative technology, natural farm and small-size farm management, and community development might be the major courses.


Overseas Mobile School Program

* Every year Dandelion School 2nd grade students have yearly program called "Overseas Mobile School". Followings are the details.

Date: July 29, 2010 ~ Nov 16, 2010 (111 days)

Sites: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Reasons for selecting the sites

1. The place to build up self-identity by the dynamic experience of socio-culturally diverse environments.

2. The place to serve the poor.

3. The place to meet those who made and are making hope.

4. The place to visit the school and the mission fields established by  Dandelion Community.

Mobile route




Departure from Inchon(Korea),

Arrival to Bangalore via Bangkok


Staying at Life World Community in Hidupur


Moving to the next place


Staying at Aurovile Community, Sadhna Forest


Visiting Nagpur


Visiting Kolkata


Staying at Nagaland


Moving: Kolkata → Bangkok


Staying at Sisa Asok, Thailand


Moving to Cambodia. Arrival to Siem Riep


Going sightseeing to Angkor Wat, Volunteer activity


Moving to ISAC School in Takeo, Phnom Penh


Staying at ISAC School


Visiting Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Moving to Bangkok


Traveling Bangkok


Arrival to Inchon(Korea)


7/29 : Incheon → Bangkok → Bengaluru

9/3 : Calcutta → Dimapur

9/16 : Dimapur → Calcutta

9/17 : Calcutta → Bangkok

11/15 : Bangkok → Incheon


1. To find self-identity and calling by self-training and growing.

2. To equip the students as responsible citizens of global village.

3. To understand different cultures and improve communicative competence.

4. To improve foreign languages.

5. To train the students as servant leaders.

Personnel Involved

  □ Students: 11

  □ Staffs: 3

  □ Local English teachers: 2

     Total number: 16

Main activities

1. Introducing Korean culture:

   Pung-mool(traditional rhythmic music & instrumental performance), skit, paintings

2. Volunteering work:

   Labor, tree-planting, gardening, livelihood support in poor local area

3. Education support

Staffs role assignment




Kim, Insoo

․ Director

․ Philosophy

․ Asian Story

Youn, Sori

․ Getting in touch with Korea

․ Accounting

․ Medical treatment

․ Photographing

․ English

․ Math

Do, Kiseong

․ Students care

․ Keeping items

․ Pungmul

․ Social studies

․ Bible reading

․ Book reading

Local helpers

․ Teaching English

․ Guiding

․ English conversation

․ English song

․ Writing English diary